sea to sky bridge jump by chris

Summer Sun

The rain has started to pour and the temperatures drop… it’s Fall. But what a Summer!!! It was amazing to experience a Summer in Whistler, and hopefully it’s…

ash blackcomb glacier

Whistler in Winter

I didn’t take the camera up much last season, but still enjoyed a good amount of shredding during my first Winter in Whistler. Right now the town is…

photo whistler village gondola

Start of Winter in Whistler

It wasn’t the snowiest start to winter Whistler has ever seen, but it has been cold! So it’s been great for shooting photos and test out the new…

photo squirrel whistler

Whistler Fall Video

Fall in Whistler was filled with unemployment and beauty for me. So of course had plenty of time to video and edit, I hope you enjoy my work!…

Fall trees

Whistler in the Fall

Having chased winter around the Globe for 3 years, it had been a while since my last Autumn experience. I was also in between jobs for a couple…

The lake in Stanley Park, covered by lilies, surrounded by shrubs.

Beaver Lake in Stanley Park

No beavers this time, as they only come out at dawn and dusk, so we will have to head back another day. So just two shots of the…

sunset beach sunset with ships

Stanley Park at Dusk

  After getting settled in our new studio, one of the first things Ambre I did, was to visit the nearby Stanley Park. It was a bit late…

wall ride sean front

Australian Winter

Some photography from my winter season down under. Some skiing and snowboarding shots, mainly from Mt Hotham, but a few from some Falls Creek too. There is some…

DSCF4297 copy

Japan 2011/12 Hokkaido Winter

A winter in Japan. Shred pics and some spring shots from Kyoto.       The feature image was taken in Spring time in Kyoto in one of…

image beacon point

New Zealand Photography

Most of my pictures from New Zealand were of shredding, but it is a beautiful place, and Wanaka in particular has some wonderful scenery. Here are a few…

DSCF4124 2

NZ Winter Games Snowboard Freestyle 2011

Big Air and Slopestyle photographs from the 2011 NZ Winter Games. Taken at Cardona near Wanaka in New Zealand. Hope you enjoy the photos.        


NZ Winter Games Freeskiing 2011

Some shots from the ski slopestyle at the 2011 NZ Winter Games  

DSCF4775 2

NZ Freeski Open 2011 Slopestyle

I actually went up to Snowpark NZ to film the slopestyle, but when my batteries started to go I managed to take a few sneaky shots:  


NZ Burton Open 2011 Halfpipe

One of my first days taking pics with my new camera.    

photo squirrel whistler

Smaller Animals in Whistler

I did manage to snap a few bear pics but didn’t get too close, so they weren’t the best quality photographs. I shared them on twitter and instagram…